A Medical Health Camp by Pithoragarh Group of Institutions

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On December 20, 2023, the Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Pithoragarh College of Nursing, both esteemed units of the Pithoragarh Group of Institutions, organized a medical health camp at Mission Inter College in Pithoragarh. This initiative aimed to provide basic health check-ups to students and raise awareness about the importance of preventative healthcare.

The camp offered a range of crucial health screenings, including:

  • Weight and blood pressure checks: Crucial for monitoring overall health and potential cardiovascular issues.
  • Random blood sugar tests: Providing an early glimpse into potential diabetes risk.
  • Blood group determination: Important for emergency situations and medical compatibility.
  • Hemoglobin tests: Assessing iron levels and potential anemia.
blood test pithoragarh

The program was graced by the presence of the esteemed principal, Mr. Jeevan Chandra, along with a supportive team of teachers: Mr. Mohan Singh Bhandari, Mr. Pradeep Singh, Mr. Shamsher Singh, Mr. Umesh Tiwari, Mr. Vimaldeep, Mr. Raju Pant, Mr. Rohit Dilawar Singh, Mr. Arhit Singh, Mr. Prashant Singh, Mr. Abhay Singh, Mr. Jagat Singh Kuti, Mr. Vivek Singh, Miss Nikansha, Mrs. Bhawna Tiwari, Mrs. Mamta, Mrs. Richa, Mrs. Neema Punetha, and Mrs. Shoobha Chand. 

BP Test pithoragarh health camp

The principal, Mr. Jeevan Chandra, expressed. “The success of this health camp demonstrates the value of sustainable healthcare and motivates us to organize similar programs in the future. We are determined to continue providing such initiatives that promote health awareness and contribute to the overall development of our students.”

Overall, the medical health camp at Mission Inter College Pithoragarh was a huge success. The dedication of the Pithoragarh Group of Institutions and the active participation of the school community combined to create a valuable event that served the needs of both students and the rest of the community.

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