Pithoragarh Institute's Health Camp at Government Intercollege Muwani

Medical camp by nursing college

PGI Pithoragarh College has been regularly organizing free medical camps in different schools in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. On December 26, 2023, the Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Pithoragarh College of Nursing, integral units of the Pithoragarh Group of Institutions, set up a free medical health camp at Government Intercollege Muwani, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The event aimed to provide essential health check-ups, including weight, blood pressure, random blood sugar, blood group, and hemoglobin assessments, to the students.

The presence of the respected Principal facilitated the highly regarded event, Mr. Pooran Singh Dhami, and a team of dedicated teachers who played a pivotal role in the success of this free medical health program. The teachers included Mr. Manoj Gwal, Mrs. Mamta Chand, Mrs. Deepika Patni Pant, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mrs. Suman Bora, Mr. Prayag Dutt Nagarkoti, Mrs. Anita Tamta, Mr. Anil Chandra Arya, Mr. Govind Kharakhwal, Mr. Ganga Singh Jungpani, Mr. Govind Singh Dhami, Mrs. Laxmi Negi, Mrs. Kanchana Samant Lunthi, Mr. Kuldeep Arya, Mr. Pankaj, Mr. Manoj Giri, Miss. Rashmi Kapri, Mr. Rakesh Upreti, Mr. Manjeet Pawar, and Mrs. Reshama.

medical camp by bsc nursing students

Together, they directed and motivated the students, providing valuable insights into the importance of their future and the need to enhance their skills for personal growth and development. The teachers’ participation added a significant educational benefit to the health camp, highlighting the institution’s dedication to developing well-rounded individuals. 

The Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Pithoragarh College of Nursing, along with the dedicated teachers and school administration, showed their dedication to providing valuable education that extends beyond the classroom. 

In conclusion, the teamwork effort of the educational institutions and teachers emphasized how important it is to have an integrated educational strategy. Events like these not only contribute to the physical well-being of students but also empower them with the knowledge and motivation needed to succeed in the future.

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