Health and Education Camp in Pithoragarh

health and education camp Pithoragarh

On December 21, 2023, the Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and the Pithoragarh College of Nursing, both integral units of the esteemed Pithoragarh Group of Institutions, organized a transformative medical health camp. This program took place at Lucy W Sullivan girls intermediate college Pithoragarh, marking a significant effort to extend healthcare services and promote health awareness within the local community. The camp aimed to provide essential health check-ups, including weight assessments, blood pressure monitoring, random blood sugar tests, blood group identification, and hemoglobin level assessments. By conducting these comprehensive health evaluations, the organizers sought to enhance community well-being and emphasize the importance of preventive healthcare measures. 

medical camp uttarakhand

The program was then honored by the presence of a committed team of instructors and the esteemed Principal, Mrs. Anjana Das. Mrs. Shelruppa Jacob, Mrs. Shalini Singh, Mrs. Anupama Bora, Mrs. Amita Francis, Mrs. Manilini Philips, Mrs. Rasmi Stiphen, Mrs. Miss Nirupama Astha Jacob, Mrs. Sumita Singh, Mrs. Tripta Singh, and Mrs. Lucy Dal were among them. 

medical camp pithoragarh uttarakhand

The appreciation from the principle and teachers wasn’t just words. Mrs. Das announced plans to collaborate with Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Pithoragarh College of Nursing for future health awareness programs at the school and expressed her hope that this medical camp in Pithoragarh would be a stepping stone towards a healthier future for the school community.

In conclusion, the community has been deeply affected by the health camps and motivational programs that the Pithoragarh Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Pithoragarh College of Nursing, with the administration’s support, have organized. PGI has already started planning for upcoming health camp programs, seeking to deal with a wider range of medical needs. Their mission is to assist people in taking control of their own health by offering complete medical services to those in need.

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