BSc OTT | Bachelor of Science In Operation Theatre Technology

Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology is a program that is designed for students to make them industry ready. BSc OTT course in Uttarakhand is a 3-year and one extra year of internship, a total of 3 years course. This program is an undergraduate program that gives you a graduate degree. This course’s aim is to make students operation theatre technologists in the health care industry. The main duties are active and passive care of patients and set-up up the tools & equipment for the operation and do help in the operation procedure.

At Pithoragarh Institute of Bio-medical Science, you will get training & practice from day one. In this course, a student will learn about how to take care of a patient at the time of his/her surgery or within that time period. Subjects taught in B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology include Pharmacology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Pathology, and Medical Law and Ethics which will come into use in their career.

BSc OTT Duration & Eligibility| 3 Years

A candidate seeking admission in BSc OTT course:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with 40%.
  • Intermediate should be from a recognized board.
  • Should have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths (PCMB) with English as a mandatory subject.
  • The age limit is between 17 – 35 Yrs. (As of 31st December of that year).
  • Duration 3 Years

BSc OTT Learning Appraoch :

Learning Approach of B.Sc. OTT in PGI / Why PGI Pithoragarh for B.Sc. OTT ?

  •  Well conceptualized curriculum
  •  Industry visits for Exposure
  •  Critical thinking and empathetic skills First-hand experience Practical
  •  Well Equipped laboratories for active learning
  •  Time-management and discipline
  •  Internships and placements.
  •  Prioritizing patient safety.
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What is the duration of the Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology

The BSc OTT program at PGI Pithoragarh College is typically a three-year undergraduate degree.

What are the subjects covered in the BSc OTT curriculum?

The BSc OTT curriculum typically includes subjects related to operation theatre management, surgical procedures, anesthesia techniques, infection control, medical equipment handling, and more.

Is B.Sc Ott a good course?

Yes, B.Sc ott is a good course in terms of a career in the medical field. After completing this course you can get a job in healthcare facilities like medical nursing homes,medical laboratories and research, hospitals and healthcare centers etc.

What are the career prospects after completing a BSc OTT from PGI Pithoragarh College?

Graduates of the BSc OTT program can work as operation theatre technicians or technologists in hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and healthcare facilities.

Is practical training included in the BSc OTT program?

Yes, practical training and hands-on experience in operation theatre settings are usually an integral part of the BSc OTT curriculum.

Does the college provide access to modern operation theatre equipment for training?

Colleges often provide access to simulation labs and modern operation theatre equipment to give BSc OTT students practical experience with the tools used in surgical settings.

What is the salary of B.Sc Ott in India?

If you are a fresher then the average salary package is 3 LPA.

What is a B.Sc operation theater course?

Bachelor of Science in operation theater is a 3 years course and one year of internship. During the internship and course students learn all about the work of operation theater.

What is B.Sc OT and Anesthesia Technology?

B.Sc. Anesthesiology & Operation Theatre Technology is a 3 year course and one year of internship where you will learn all the about the operation theater equipments and their uses.

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