Educational visit of BSc Agriculture students to District Soil Testing Laboratory, Pithoragarh.

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On 12/12/2023 Tuesday, Pithoragarh Institute of Technology and Management (PGI, Pithoragarh) organized an educational visit for B.Sc. Agriculture students to the District Soil Testing Laboratory, Pithoragarh. 

This visit to a soil testing lab provided agriculture students with a practical learning experience, not just into the technical details of soil testing (procedures, analyses), but also into the lab’s functions and workflow. They learned on their own the critical role of soil testing in sustainable agriculture and were exposed to exciting career options in the state-level soil department after their B.Sc. Agriculture degree. This experience aimed to equip them with not only knowledge and skills, but also an appreciation for soil health and the potential career paths in this crucial field.

Agriculture Practical session
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Mr. Tiwari, the District Soil Testing Lab in-charge, transformed theory into a real-world experience for Pithoragarh agriculture students. He guided them through hands-on analysis of NPK, carbon, pH, and salinity using equipment like titration flasks, pH meters, EC meters, and even a captivating spectrophotometer that unveiled soil secrets through a colorful spectrum. This wasn’t just skill-building; it was igniting a passion for understanding and nurturing the land, one soil sample at a time.

The educational visit to the District Soil Testing Lab wasn’t just an informative outing; it was a transformative experience. It equipped the B.Sc. Agriculture students with the practical skills, analytical insights, and career awareness they need to become not just competent agriculturalists but soil health leaders as well. As they return to their classrooms and fields, they carry the knowledge that the foundation of any healthy crop lies not just in the seeds they sow but in the soil they nurture.

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