Agriculture Students from PGI Pithoragarh Gain Valuable Experiences at FCI Pithoragarh

On December 12th, 2023, Pithoragarh Institute of Technology and Management (PGI, Pithoragarh) organized an insightful educational visit of B.Sc. agriculture students to FCI Pithoragarh ( Food Corporation of India )in Pithoragarh. This visit aimed to provide students with a practical understanding of the critical role FCI plays in post-harvest management practices and to ensure food security.

Effective Support Price and Public Distribution System

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Mr. Surendra Chauhan, Quality Inspector (Technical Assistant) at FCI, interacted with the students, explaining the crucial concept of the effective support price mechanism implemented by the government to ensure fair income to farmers. He further elaborated on the complexity of the public distribution chain of food grains, highlighting the role of fair-priced shops in ensuring food accessibility for all citizens. This knowledge provided the students with a deeper understanding of the government’s efforts to maintain food security at the national level.

Post-harvest management practices

The visit provided students with valuable insights into various post-harvest management practices followed at FCI Pithoragarh. Mr. Chauhan explained the importance of extraction techniques for stored grains to maintain quality and prevent spoilage. He also demonstrated the stacking, tagging, and sampling procedures employed at FCI, emphasizing their role in efficient storage and inventory management.

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FCI Pithoragarh

Identification and Management of Stored Insect Pests

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A major benefit of the visit was the practical training on identifying and managing stored insect pests. Mr. Chauhan equipped the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize common insect pests affecting stored grains and implement appropriate control measures. This hands-on learning experience will be very beneficial for students aspiring to careers in agriculture and related fields.

Chain of Food Grain Transport and Challenges

Mr. Sumit Kumar, Assistant Depot at FCI, provided valuable insights into the complex chain of transporting food grains, specifically focusing on the journey of wheat from Haryana to Pithoragarh via Khatima. He also highlighted the possible challenges faced during transportation and storage, such as weather conditions and pest infestations.

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Career Opportunities in FCI:

A highlight of the visit was the counseling session offered by Mr. Chauhan to the students. He addressed their career aspirations, highlighting the diverse opportunities and scopes offered by FCI to agriculture graduates. This session provided valuable guidance and motivation to students, encouraging them to consider careers within the organization and contribute to the national food security mission.

Overall Significance of the Visit

The educational visit of BSc Agriculture students to FCI Pithoragarh proved immensely beneficial for B.Sc. Agriculture students. The practical exposure to various post-harvest management practices, combined with the in-depth knowledge about FCI’s operations, significantly enhanced their understanding of the agricultural sector. This initiative by PGI Pithoragarh demonstrates its focus on providing students with practical learning experiences to go along with their academic curriculum. Such learning prepares students for successful careers in the agriculture industry.

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