Fusion Fiesta Celebration 2023

PGI Pithoragarh College celebrated the Fusion Fiesta on November 4, 2023. Students from all the departments participated in a variety of events.

The Fusion Fiesta featured a variety of food stalls serving delicious Indian food. The students and staff enjoyed sampling the different dishes, and they were all impressed by the flavors.

The Fusion Fiesta also had a number of games and activities for all students and faculties. The students had a great time playing games and sampling the food.

Students from different departments came together to create a series of stunning rangolis, showcasing their creativity and unity. The rangolis were created using a variety of materials, including powdered rice, colored sand, and flower petals. The students used their fingers, brushes, and other tools to create intricate designs that were both beautiful and meaningful.

The rangolis were displayed in the college’s main hall, and they quickly became a popular attraction. Students, faculty, and staff stopped by to admire the designs and learn more about the art of rangoli.

Overall, the Fusion Fiesta at PGI Pithoragarh College was a great success. It was a fun and festive event that everyone enjoyed. The event was a reminder of the rich and diverse history of Indian culture.

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